Set-top box technology

Global Digital Broadcast puts the TV in IPTV by taking internet protocol content from the web and putting it onto television sets.

The VEHDA HD+80 IPTV set-top box has arrived; ready to transform the way we receive TV. This hybrid set-top is designed to seamlessly handle the obvious transition from digital terrestrial to IPTV and, allowing the user a one-stop solution for their home, the box allows you to watch free-to-view and PlayTV UK -delivered TV stations, on your terrestrial television set.

The VEHDA solution is the product of many years of research, setting new standards for IPTV delivery and incorporating, in one box, full IPTV capabilities; free-to-view tuner; digital video hard drive; and HD up-convert capability. The VEHDA box is a high performance, multi codec, set-top box; designed for high definition applications, with home networking ability to play media from your PC or storage device.

IPTV functionality, free-to-view digital tuner, 80GB hard drive, 5.1 Dolby Digital, HD up-conversion, HDMI connection.


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