Global Digital Broadcast Technology
  • Who is Global Digital Broadcast?

    g Studio

    G-Studio: a highly-advanced system which powers the GDB IPTV network and enables complete content control.

  • Advantages for content providers and channel owners

    g Console

    G-Console is GDBTV’s value-added user administration console and has been designed to assist network administrators in managing customer service related data.

  • Channel Options


    GDBTV implements PIN secured age verification for its broadcasts, meaning the viewer platform complements the British Board of Film Classification allocations.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    GDBTV has set up a payment system, eWallet, which forms an integral part of the platform.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    MyPvr is a revolutionary change in the way consumers watch television. Any of the channels that use MyPvr are automatically archived allowing viewers to watch content from the previous seven days.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Virtual Set-Top Box

    The virtual set-top box is an optional product for network service providers.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Set-Top Box

    Global Digital Broadcast puts the TV in IPTV by taking internet protocol content from the web and putting it onto television sets.


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