Global Digital Broadcast Middleware

Content administration and playout

Your channel content is served from one or a number of servers in our data centres. The busier your channel becomes, the more servers you'll use to distribute your content. The whole platform is designed to help you expand at your pace and budget. The gdbTV™ interface to maintain your channel is accessed through a standard web browser, giving you the freedom to run your channel from anywhere in the world. The control panel is a comprehensive web-based application that is simple and easy to use.

Programmes can be created through a simple, meta data form, with image thumbnails applied and availability status decided.

Content can be assigned to sub-channels and categories. Those sub-channels can be packaged for subscription and pay-per-view (PPV) costs. Thumbnails can be added to highlight your content and of course all meta data can be searched. The G-studio middleware being used to view statistics. Scheduled sub-channels have the added functionality of linear broadcasts. The control panel enables a simple drag and drop board to apply your programmes, events, advertising and idents. These can be copied across on a day-to-day timescale and items can be fixed to loop daily and/or weekly.

Statistics can be monitored in real time, enabling you to find out how many people are watching, what they watched, where in the world they are viewing from and even ascertain the language of the viewer’s browser.


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