Global Digital Broadcast FAQ

About GDB portals and streaming capabilities

GDB consistently maintains both high quality portals, which are clean, user-friendly, easily managed and free of aggressive advertising and ‘pop ups’; and high quality streaming over Windows format/s (and suchlike), ensuring maximum accessibility, availability and ease of use. Server scalability and load balancing are also consistently monitored in order to maintain quality and keep up with demand.

  • Are the broadcast services geographically specific or restricted?
    GDB’s IPTV network, portals and streams work in any and every country which has broadband. The GDB system does, however, implement geo-blocking where and when relevant.
  • Are the portals browser-specific or restricted?
    GDB portals work in the main browsers for both Windows and Mac, including: IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
  • How long do the portals take to load?
    The main page loads straight away and the content loads in sequence upon opening the portal. Any time lapse is minimal and the portal retains its search and view facilities whilst additional content is loading. Each Flash element has a pre-load sequence to prevent large areas from appearing ‘empty’ during upload.
  • How fast is the search facility?
    The inbuilt search features ensure ease and speed for the consumer/viewer. Initial search results are instant, but individual search time/s depend upon individual search criteria (i.e. the more specific the search, the faster the result).
  • How fast is the stream delivery?
    When a viewer selects ‘watch now’, buffering starts within 1 (one) second and content is normally delivered within 5 (five) to 8 (eight) seconds.
  • Does GDB have outside broadcast capabilities?
    GDB allows content providers to ‘push’ to, or ‘pull’ from, broadcast publishing points. This allows for any scenario regarding firewall/network connectivity/access.
  • What technical support does GDB provide?
    24/7 technical support is available for clients and channel owners, via direct telephone communications with the head of software development and his team. End users have a two-tier support system (online / telephone) which is currently available during office hours.
  • Does GDB support multicast?
    Multicast services are planned for mid-2008.

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